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Firefighting & Fire Alarm

Firefighting & Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm & Heat/Smoke Detectors

Audible alarm and visible light system that warms about potential fire outbreaks. Also, be sure of the swift detection of smoke, gas, and excess heat that might lead to a fire.

Fire Ball

A fire extinguishing device. When thrown or rolled into the fire, it will burst and extinguish the fire.

Fire Extinguisher

A handy device used to control/extinguish different classes of fire in an emergency.

Fire Hydrant System

Designed and set up to provide a large volume of water at high pressure to firefighters

Fire Pump System

Suitable for high-rise buildings or in systems that require a relatively high terminal pressure to flow a large volume of water at the fire sprinkler to combat the fire, such as in factories, offices, shops & storage warehouses.

Fire Suppression System

A suitable fire fighting option for rooms containing sensitive documents and electronics.

Fire Hose Reel System

Fire hose reel systems consist of pumps, pipes, water supply and hose reels located strategically in a building, ensuring proper water coverage to combat a fire.

Water Sprinkler

This system works with the fire pump to automatically sprinkle water to suppress/extinguish a fire outbreak.

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